Raw Wood Dining Chairs

Raw wood tables and chairs can look terrific in any style of home.  Here we see a living room area designed by Patterson Custom Homes.  The raw wood furniture works nicely against the  planks of French White Oak flooring.  Borrow this look for yourself, simply by stripping your wood chairs, and seal them with clear wax which gives you the […]

Home Renovation: Five Ideas for Your Dining Room Floor

The home of Bruno Frisoni and Hervé Van der Straeten in Tangier

Home renovation is a great way to update your current living spaces with the latest in design ideas and materials. It’s important to select materials that will provide the right look and functionality for the room, especially in high traffic […]

Make Your Dining Room Multi-Functional

1963 Dorothy Draper Viennese Collection Cabinet From Bond And Bowery

In many homes, space is at a premium and you have to think strategically about how to best use the space you have at your disposal. And with the number of people working from home today, at least for some of the […]