San Francisco Dining Room With Colorful Louis XV Dining Chairs

This 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom, 16,400 Sq. ft. house is currently on the market for a whopping $28,500,000!  The house is located in San Francisco. In the dining room, they took French Louis XV chairs and upholstered them in a ray of candy colored velvets, and paired it with a rustic solid wood weathered table. […]

Distressed Wood Farmhouse Table

Distressed Wood Farmhouse Table

Sandy and Peter Borchert won the Period Living Readers’ Award for Best Townhouse 2011. Located in Wiltshire, South West England, it used to be a mill and was later converted into a home. The Borcherts renovated it preserving its Georgian style. If you’d like to read the story behind the […]

7 Dining Room Décor Tips

Nina Griscom’s stunning Millbrook, New York Home

The dining room should be a place for your family and friends to gather–a special room where you can discuss the day’s events over a tasty meal, celebrate birthdays and holidays with extended family and other houseguests, or enjoy a romantic dinner for two by candlelight. If […]