French Country Dining

Incredible set of four vinage French figured walnut ladder back side chairs. A better proportion makes us think these fine chairs are late 20th century as they aren’t dainty like most antique ones we get. Subtle but, intricate carvings grace the backs of each while the natural rush seats provide an authentic appearance as well as incredible comfort. If you are looking for an authentic French Country side chair that is well constructed and comfortable too.

Many couples choose the french country because of their softer details.  French furniture has always been considered high end, and quite formal.  Traditional french chairs are often paired with silky fabric such as brocade, and gilt wood finishes.  While classic french furniture is very formal, french country styles on the other hand are often less serious.  They have the beautiful frames that are seen with classic french furniture, but are paired with cotton fabrics, and linens giving it a lived in feel.


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