Make Your Dining Room Multi-Functional

1963 Dorothy Draper Viennese Collection Cabinet From Bond And Bowery

In many homes, space is at a premium and you have to think strategically about how to best use the space you have at your disposal. And with the number of people working from home today, at least for some of the week, it’s now often a necessity to have a place where you can concentrate and get some work done, no matter who else is at home.

The dining room is a great option for a place that can double up as a home office space, while still retaining its primary function. And now with the amazing choice of furniture that’s available, it’s possible to find collections of furniture that match and coordinate for all different rooms in the home. So if you have an oak dining table and chairs, you can also get an oak desk to sit in the same room, from the same furniture collection.

If you’re thinking about using your dining room in this way, then it may be that you need to replace your current dining table for an extending one. This will give you more flexibility on space so that you can have plenty of room for the times you’re using it as an office. You may also want to choose one of the ‘hidden desks’ for the times that you have meals in the dining room, and you want to hide away all signs of your office. You may also want to get a sideboard that can double up as a filing cabinet.

Take a look at the great collections of furniture from Furnishing Homes, many of which feature pieces of furniture for dining rooms, living rooms and home offices, making it really easy to coordinate the furniture in your home.

Eight Door Painted Bibliotheque Seller Fireside Antiques

A Sleek Directoire Bibliotheque, Consisting of Ebony Wood. French, Circa 1800. A perfect piece for any discerning home. Demiurge New York

Spectacular Antique French Bibliotheque w/Original Layered Paint From Old Plank

Absolutely incredible early 18th century antique French bibliotheque with original layered paint, hand-knotted chicken wire and interior
wallpaper remnants, too. The chicken wire in the doors has always been there, it wasn’t added later and it is 100% handmade. The wallpaper remnants lining the interior are charming however, they could be removed or recovered. Used in any room of the home, this showstopper will showcase fine bindings and chatskis alike. As great as our photos are, they just do not do justice to this extraordinary antique. 

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