Shaker Dining Room Chairs

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Shaker furniture was originally produced at religious communities over the country during the early 19th century. The shaker design was marked by simplicity and practicality, while other late 19th century chairs that were produced similar to this design were often noted for extra frills and details, while the original shaker chair was simple in design. Shaker chairs have slat backs with 2 posts topped with finals. Slat back chairs were very popular for more than 200 years, so they can be found easily today. Although there may be reproductions, the antique chairs will show wear on the slats, stretchers and the bottoms of the feet. Sharply turned posts, and sharp edge rockers may be signs of recent manufacturing. There is nothing wrong with buying a copy instead of the authentic original shaker chairs, as they are just as beautiful. Below is a authentic painted Shaker chair in great condition.

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